Yesterday’s match with the Rams proved that impossible is nothing. Who would have predicted that the Seattle Seahawks game would end 20-13? Let alone the December 23rd game against the 49rs ending with win of 49-13.

All the changes the Seahawks went through demonstrated how change can improve a team. Below is a picture of Goin’ Postal Bellevue manager with Sidney Rice (right) and Tarvaris Jackson(left). This picture was taken on December 2011 when FedEx held an exclusive NFL Open House Seattle Seahawks¬† function .

Goin' Postal Bellevue with Seahawk players Sidney Rice and Tarvaris Jackson

Both are former Viking players. They are both funny guys. Sidney Rice is an easy going down-to-earth kind of guy.

The next game will be on January 6. This time the Seattle Seahawks will go against the Redskins. With the scores so far the Seahawks might have the chance to play in the final.